Bold Radio is a kaleidoscope of hosts bringing you their unique perspectives, experiences, wisdom and expertise on everything from business to spirituality, giving you what you want, when you want it.

microphoneAll shows on Bold Radio are broadcast live on Spreaker and available on iTunes.

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We officially launched Light News Radio – (LNR) Realms of Self-Empowerment, two years ago, June 11, 2014; and we feel that the time has come to give Bold Radio the kudos it deserves. During the past two years we have seen the station grow in many ways. And being in the business of Spiritual Growth and Understanding – we know no project grows without a little struggle. Bold Radio has always taken the struggle with ease and grace. And, now with shows being hosted on Spreaker Radio and iHeart Radio we see the struggle paying off. The passion of the CEO, staff and radio hosts/hostesses shows “Boldly.” Light News is proud to be a part of this station’s journey. As we are actually launching to four shows a month this July 6th 2016, only because of the ease of transition and service we have received from the station. The experience with Bold Radio has been amazing.