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Tune in to Real Life Chats where the Boldest of the Bold share their truths about Life, Business and no quitting here! The real guts of what it takes!

Kim Boudreau Smith is a multi-talented CEO and business leader with a legacy of empowering thousands of women through her varied business endeavors. From a corporate background in sales and marketing, Kim has gone on to trail-blaze a path for other women entrepreneurs to follow in. As a # 1 international best-selling author and a 6-time international best-selling author and business coach, Kim is passionate about putting her success to use in passing on the wisdom she’s gained from carving out thriving businesses in a number of industries.

As CEO of Kim Boudreau Smith and KBS Publishing, her international speaking and coaching work has enabled millions of women to benefit from her inspirational and empowering business strategy, designed specifically for women business owners. She enjoys nothing more than hosting events and bringing women together to create more visibility and networking opportunities. Kim is also the CEO and founder of Bold Radio Station, an elite platform for women to market their businesses.

Bold Is Beautiful

Every single beautiful woman in this book shares their souls with you, where they once were and how they had to become very bold to move forward. They speak of how being small was not a choice if they were to receive what they wanted for themselves and their families. They share how it was not an option to complain, crawl in a corner, and become a victim, but how they chose to turn their lives around and become bold and successful. This book is about standing up, and believing in one’s self so in turn all of the readers can find hope and belief in themselves. This is about being yourself, and no past can determine who you are today!


Bold Is Beautiful – Breakthrough to Business Strategies

This book is a tribute to all women around the world to be Bold, to shine your beautiful light and to grow your success to where you desire it to be. Every single beautiful woman in this book shares their soul with you, how they had to become very bold to move forward and create their personal happiness and success. They share what it takes to grow personally so they can have the joy in their life they have desired for quite some time. They share how it was not an option to stay in an environment that was compromising their health, and what it takes to continue to move forward to grow their vision and not live in a society box. This book is about standing up and believing in oneself, so in turn all of the readers can also find hope and belief in themselves and take their business to the next level. The women in this book are so honest, baring their hearts to the world, and revealing a large part of their insights for a successful business to all of you. This was my request to these women for this project and they delivered with joy and a lot of honesty.