Meet the Team

Bold Radio Station began in November 2014 with Kim Boudreau Smith’s show and expanded in January 2015 with Bold implementing a VIP Service for hosts and their guests. The growth was rapid with many hosts, guests and a great team. After the first year of success, Bold launched networks, hence, Line Brunet was the first to launch with Crave Network on Bold’s Platform!

In 2017, Line moved on from Bold Radio, and Kim turned over the reigns of CEO to Doneane Beckcom. Doneane brings over 10 years of radio and TV hosting to Bold Radio and plans to grow the station into the future.

Radio still remains the strongest medium in the world today and here at Bold we are Impacting the World through VOICE!

Bold Radio is a network of hosts sharing their unique experiences and expertise on a variety of topics from business to spirituality. We believe in the whole mind, body, and spirit of life!

Nesa Brankovic – Producer/Engineer

Nesa has been a sound producer for over 20 years. His skills as an experienced engineer has led him to produce quality products that are seamless. His experience as a musician supports him to blend his talents to make production, engineering and broadcasting fun instead of a job!

Damjan Cirilovic – Producer/Engineer

Damjan is a passionate and certified Sound Designer and Radio Producer with over 10 years of experience with audio books, podcasts, documentaries, TV, radio and music. His love is also playing bass guitar in various bands that travel, perform and produce records.

Inged Sanchez – Director of Operations

Inged has an extensive background of 10 years in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. She is the one that keeps things running smooth and squeaky clean for the entire Bold Radio Station Team. If you are ever unsure on something… she is your go to person.

Download our Media Kit for additional information about Bold Radio.